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Dealing with the anniversary of a death

Just passed the 22nd anniversary of my Aunt’s death (December 17, 1991) and I am wondering how many people have issues on the anniversary of their loved ones death? I know that I am not the only one who feels … Continue reading

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A New Year

Last night after my family went to bed, I stood at the window like I do every year to look up at the stars and wished my Dad and Mom a happy new year. This year was easier than last new … Continue reading

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My Mom, 4/7/17 – 12/23/11

My Mother died last December 23rd at the age of 94.  Up until the last 2 years of her life she was  in pretty good shape.  Then the downhill spiral began and things changed.  Just wanted to share a bit … Continue reading

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So much in common

We spent a little time the other day talking to a neighbor who is taking care of her Mother.  My husband and I had no problem relating to her situation. Our conversation brought back many not so distant memories. 

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Cuddling and story time

I was taking care of my granddaughter the other day and in an attempt to get a few minutes of rest, I resorted to the cuddling trick.  You know that trick, cuddle them up in a chair and get them to stop moving just … Continue reading

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The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  But the experience with my Mother made me realize that you can also go through these stages when your life changes dramatically.  My Mother’s care was taking more and more of … Continue reading

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Could it be just a year ago?

Last year on May 12th we were planning a trip to Michigan to attend my husband’s parents 70th wedding anniversary party.  We were looking forward to the trip and a break from the daily routine of caring for my Mom.  My sister … Continue reading

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