A New Year

Last night after my family went to bed, I stood at the window like I do every year to look up at the stars and wished my Dad and Mom a happy new year.

This year was easier than last new years eve.  We had just lost my Mom in December of 2011 and just the thought of beginning a new year that she would not be part of was hard. I remember everyone celebrating around me and all I wanted to do was cry.  The passage of time does make dealing with loss easier.



About TheClothesAreInTheStove

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter. My husband has retired and I work part-time at an outside job and until 12/23/11 worked full-time as my Mother's caregiver. I started this blog as a way to cope with my Mother's illness, dementia and death. I have always had to urge to write down every significant event in my life. Over the years I have jotted down notes on calendars, in journals, on little sheets of paper and now this blog. I am so afraid that if I don't write it down I will forget and it will be lost forever. My Mother's decline is so important and so painful but it happened and it can't be forgotten. Hopefully it will help someone else deal a little bit better - it helps to know that what you are feeling is ok and that what you feel is not unique. Others have different experiences but this is my experience.
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3 Responses to A New Year

  1. Jenna says:

    Love you, Mom.

  2. Chara says:

    THANK YOU. . . . Our Mom left us on October 5, 2013. I happened across your blog because out of frustration I had googled “mom died what do To do with her clothes” (mom left us 4 closets of beautiful hardly worn petite clothes that neither my sister nor I can begin to wear) and it led me to you. I work in IT so I knew that Google search really wouldn’t get me anywhere, but finding your words has been such a relief to know that my sister and I weren’t alone in what we went through — Mom was 85, and 2013 has been filled with Drs appointments, almost monthly hospital stays, my sister being her primary caregiver so I could continue to work during the day, and sharing duties at night for the last 2.5 months before her final hospital stay. So THANK YOU . . . Thank you more than you can imagine . . . Sending you light and love as the holidays (and the 2nd anniversary for you) approaches. I only hope that we can find the strength and peace you have.

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